Most counties allow property owners to clear overgrowth without a permit. Depending on the county, overgrowth is generally defined as all brush and small trees up to three or four inches in diameter, measured at four feet height. Palmettos and other invasive species do not require permits. Always check with your city/county for specifics however as some cities and/or counties are stricter than others!

Any large trees will generally require permits to take down unless zoned agriculture. These should be removed by a licensed Tree Service company. Ames Excavating and Landscaping can refer you to legitimate Tree Service companies once you are at the point of removing big trees.

Always verify any business you may use is listed as Active on sunbiz.org and holds a County business license otherwise they are not an official business in the State of Florida and are unlicensed, uninsured, and will just be more trouble than lower cost may provide.

This is a question we field often while talking to potential customers. Unfortunately with COVID-19 and all the issues that has brought, one of the big ones is unlicensed, uninsured, and inexperienced people entering job markets as a “business” by renting equipment, putting a magnet sign on their pickup truck, and declaring themselves a business!

This is bad for you…

Someone who rents equipment is not dedicated to the business and does not do enough work in the industry to justify owning equipment. This is the first red flag towards identifying an unlicensed business. Sure, sometimes a licensed irrigation company will dabble in land clearing for instance, so it is just the first sign to look for.

So what are the ways to check to see if the company is properly “licensed and insured” beyond the first red flag above?

– Check sunbiz.org and verify their company is listed, by name, as “Active”. If “Inactive” or they do not even show up… that is a huge red flag! You cannot have a bank account or insurance without being registered on sunbiz.org! Ames Excavating and Landscaping llc is listed as “Active” on sunbiz.org. 

– Ask them to provide a County Business license. This shows they are formally recognized in the County they are based in. “Ames Excavating and Landscaping llc” is based in, and holds a business license in, Flagler County.

– Finally, outside of typical auto insurance a professional company will hold “General Liability” insurance. Auto Insurance does not cover any damage to you or your property during land clearing, so “General Liability” is needed. Ask to see a copy of their Certificate of Insurance (COI). It should be current.

Being sure to check any company out for these items protects you, but also helps the legitimate small businesses like Ames Excavating and Landscaping llc which are playing by all the rules.

These are some of our land clearing frequently asked questions. Our land clearing solutions are both environmentally friendly, and cost effective. We do not leave piles of brush to burn or haul off. Your land will be ready to use right away.

What Happens to the Material?

The material and debris that we clear will be turned into mulch. Leaving a layer of mulched material on top of the minimally disturbed soil below.

What are the Benefits of Mulch?

The mulched material has many benefits. Number one, it will act as an erosion barrier. You will be able to use your land right away and the mulch will act as soil enrichment. This will allow grass to begin growing up immediately. Grass can then be maintained by mowing.

What is Selective Clearing?

Selective clearing is the process by which you can decide specific trees to be left alone. For example, if you want to clear all brush and trees other than Pecan, you may do so. Leaving your land much easier to harvest.

What Type of Equipment Do You Use?

We use heavy machinery with a horizontal rotating drum that “cuts” away trees, brush, and stumps.

What are the Environmental Advantages?

Environmental advantages of alternative land clearing solutions abound. Traditional land clearing services also available. (i.e. dozer, excavator, tree pushing, etc.)

What are the Cost and Time Benefits?

This is the most valuable land clearing solution on the market. We can bring a single machine, or multiple machines to fit your clearing schedule. to your site to handle all of the clearing. This process will take a fraction of the time of hiring a crew to cut, pile, sort, and burn debris on your land.

How Many Acres Can Be Cleared Per Day?

1-8 Acres per day, depending on job specifications and final appearance requested.

What is Your Pricing Structure?

We charge by the day rate or by the job. Contact us for current rates.

When is the Best Time to Have Work Done?

Any time! Call us now to get started.


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